33 Responses to “Hey Shawty” For Every Situation

“Hey shawty” is a casual greeting that someone might use when they want to get your attention or show a friendly or flirtatious interest in you.

Depending on your relationship with the person and your style.

Below we have a list of responses to “Hey Shawty”.

How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Shawty

Being called “shawty” can elicit a wide range of reactions, from amusement to discomfort.

Your response to this term will depend on your personal views, cultural background, and the context in which it’s used.

Here are some tailored responses to consider:

Funny Responses to Shawty

If the term comes from a friend or in a context that feels more playful:

  • “Only you could get away with calling me that!”
  • “Shawty? I’ll let it slide this time, but you’re on thin ice!”
  • “Guess we’re bringing back old trends, huh?”
  • “Sup Giant”
  • “Hows the weather up there?”
  • “Next, you’ll be asking for my MSN Messenger handle!”
  • “Marty! The time machine worked!!”

If You Find It Outdated or Cringeworthy

For those who view the term “shawty” as a relic of the past or just plain awkward:

  • “Is it Throwback Thursday? Because ‘Shawty’ just took me back to the early 2000s!”
  • “I think my name fits me better, don’t you?”
  • “Wow, that’s a term I haven’t heard in ages. Got any other old-school terms up your sleeve?”
  • “Did I just step into a time machine? Because that term is straight out of another decade!”
  • “Shawty? Hang on, let me grab my low-rise jeans and flip phone.”

Responses to Hey Shawty if you’re tall

If your height makes being called “short” feel ironic:

  • “Shawty? Have you seen my height?”
  • “Well, I’m 6’ tall so…”
  • “I think you meant ‘tallty’, but nice try!”
  • “Shawty? That’s a good one, considering I’m usually the one helping others reach the top shelf!”

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If You Prefer Not to Be Called Nicknames by Strangers

For those who dislike pet names from people they aren’t close to:

  • “I think we’re not quite at nickname level yet, let’s stick to [Your Name].”
  • “I’m more of a full-name kind of person, thanks!”
  • “Thanks, but I prefer not to be nicknamed by people I don’t know well.”

If It’s Culturally inappropriate for you

When the term feels out of place or culturally inappropriate for you:

  • “Shawty? That’s quite an American slang term, not really my vibe.”
  • “I’ve never been much for imported slang; let’s stick to the local lingo.”
  • “Feels like you’re channeling a hip-hop artist. I’m more into [insert local music genre] myself.”

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If You’d Rather Be Called by Your Name

For those who simply prefer their name to any nickname:

  • “I have a name, and I’d love for you to use it. It’s [Your Name].”
  • “Let’s keep it formal. You can call me [Your Name].”
  • “I appreciate the gesture, but I’m more comfortable with my actual name.”

When You Want to Distance Yourself from the Situation

If you’re looking to politely disengage from an interaction that includes terms you don’t like:

  • “Hmm, ‘shawty’ isn’t really my thing. I’ll catch you around.”
  • “Not a fan of that nickname, but it was good seeing you.”
  • “I think there’s been a mix-up; I’m not the ‘shawty’ you’re looking for.”

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Flirty Responses to Hey Shawty

  • Hey yourself, good-looking
  • Hey Papi
  • Hey babe, I missed you
  • I’m 4’11, surely you can do better

When crafting your responses, it’s important to consider both your comfort level and the dynamics of the situation.

Whether you choose to respond with humor, a polite correction, or a firm boundary, ensuring your reply reflects your feelings is key to maintaining your sense of self-respect and comfort in social interactions.

Remember, it’s always okay to set boundaries and communicate your preferences when it comes to how others address you.

Your name and identity are yours, and you have every right to be called by the name you prefer.


Final Thoughts

Remember that language and interaction styles evolve, and what may be meant as a compliment can sometimes feel outdated or inappropriate.

It’s all about the context and your boundaries. Whether you’re in for the banter or would rather keep things straightforward, your response to “Hey shawty” should ultimately reflect your own style and comfort level.

So next time someone drops that line, you’ll know exactly how to respond in a way that’s true to you.

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