20+ Flirty Response To Do You Come Here Often

Are you stuck in a conversation rut and looking for a flirty response when someone asks you “Do you come here often?”

Look no further!

The classic pickup line “do you come here often?” is one of the most common questions people ask when they meet someone new.

With such a loaded question it can be tough to find an answer that’s both witty and flirty.

So never fear! We’ve got 15 great responses that will thrill your admirer and boost your confidence.

Keep reading and discover the perfect way to capture your personality and charm with just a few words perfect for those occasions when you want to flirt.

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What to say when someone says you come here often?

Flirty Response To Do You Come Here Often

When someone asks you if you “come here often,” a simple response is usually all that is needed. This can range from an open-ended answer, like “sometimes,” to a casual or jokey one, such as “it depends what you have in mind.”

You could also use the question as an opportunity to learn more about the person asking; try responding with something like “not as often as I would like to! What do you like to do when you come here?”

Another flirty response might be, “I do come here often – but only when you’re around.” This shows the other person that I’m attracted to them and am looking for an opportunity to spend more time together. It also implies that I’m confident enough in myself to make a bold statement like this.

If someone asks me if I come here often, I might joke back with, “Depends on how much fun we have!” This response suggests that our interaction is enjoyable and allows us to keep the conversation going without being too serious or forward. It’s also a great way to show my interest without coming across as overly aggressive.

The key goal is to keep the conversation light and friendly and not take it too seriously.

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Flirty Response To “Do You Come Here Often”

Flirty Response To Do You Come Here Often

Hearing someone ask you if you come here often can be a great opportunity to show off your flirty side.

Here are 15 flirtatious ways to answer the question.

  1. No, actually I’m new here, but I’m glad I found you.
  2. Not often enough…
  3. Maybe if you asked more nicely… 😉
  4. What do you think?
  5. This is my first time here, any drink recommendations?
  6. I’ve been waiting for you to show up.
  7. I’m a regular now that you’re here.
  8. Maybe if you join me here more often, that would change?
  9. No, but if you invite me back I’m sure I’ll be visiting more often!
  10. Do I look like the kind of person who comes here often?
  11. Maybe I should start coming here more often so I can bump into you again.
  12. No, but after meeting you here I definitely will
  13. No, but I’m here now so that’s a start.
  14. Only when you’re around!
  15. Yes, and it’s even better when you’re here too!
  16. No, but I’m sure glad I came today.
  17. No, but I’m glad I decided to come today. It’s been a pleasure meeting you.
  18. Are you asking for an invitation?
  19. Nope, but now that I’m here with you it looks like a great place to be!
  20. Is this where the fun begins?

Sometimes, the question “Do you come here often?” can feel daunting.

But with these creative replies, there’s no longer any need to worry.

Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted response or something more flirty and suggestive, these responses provide a great way to show off your personality and charm.

With these witty answers, you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who asks the question.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have 20 flirty responses to the question “Do you come here often?”.

Whether it’s through charm, humor, or wit, these responses will help you come off as confident and desirable in any conversation or relationship.

Flirting is all about having fun and expressing yourself in an enjoyable way. Whether you choose one of these 20 flirty responses or come up with your unique response, remember that your goal is to start an engaging conversation and show interest in getting to know them better!

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