22 Flirty response to oh really Text

Ah, the classic “oh really” is a timeless phrase that can express surprise, skepticism, or even flirtatiousness.

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to respond with a bit of flirtiness, here are some tips for delivering the perfect flirty response to “oh really”!

What does it mean when a girl says oh really

Every conversation has its own context, so there is no standard definition for the phrase oh really. The most common use of this phrase is to show disbelief or skepticism.

However, in the right context, it can also be used as a subtle way to imply interest in something or even as an invitation for more flirtatious banter.

When used as part of flirting, he could be making an observation about something like how much chemistry there is between the two of you ,or he could just be teasing and asking for clarification on what exactly you meant.

Either way, it can provide an opportunity for playful yet suggestive conversations later on.

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22 Flirty Responses to “Oh Really” Text

22 Flirty Responses to "Oh Really" Text

The best thing about “oh really” texts is that they give you an opportunity to show off your flirting skills and playfully tease him back if you’re feeling extra bold! Here are some great ideas for how to respond:

1. “What do you think?”

With this one-sentence reply, you can challenge him to express his thoughts on whatever topic was discussed before he asked “oh really?” while subtly suggesting that you’d like him to answer honestly.

2. “Come find out!”

This tongue-in-cheek reply suggests that there’s something juicy going down behind closed doors (and only he knows where).

3. “You might be surprised…”

This inviting reply implies that perhaps something unexpected lurks beneath your coy exterior – something only they can uncover if they dare…

4. “Let’s see what else I have up my sleeve!”

Useful if your initial response wasn’t quite sassy enough; it also gives him hope that there’s more fun awaiting them should he pursue things further!

5. “Why don’t we take this offline?” 

If texting isn’t enough for both of you but video messaging feels too intimate at this stage in the relationship, why not suggest meeting up IRL?

6. “Only if those eyelashes mean yes!”

Perhaps one of the cheekiest lines on our list today; showing both confidence and determination that no matter what happens next things will end up with both parties happy!

7. “I’m full of surprises… wanna taste?”

An innuendo wrapped safely in a good time invite – this line will surely leave him wondering what kind of surprises lay in wait…

8. “Hmm… well let me think about it”

This is A classic example of playing hard-to-get (but not so hard) which will see his curiosity piqued and likely lead onto bigger & better things!

9. “That depends… Is there any incentive involved?!

Joking aside, this conversational opener leaves room for plenty more mischievous exchanges sure to keep things interesting between yourselves….

10. ”Wanna come over tonight and find out?’

Always useful near the end of days/nights out– always guaranteed a positive reaction & pretty much self-explanatory!!

11. ”A secret between us”

This implies exclusivity but still carries with it many possibilities; suggestions etc! It’s up confidently knowing what their answer may be…..

12. ”You must be dreaming”

With all these other options available why not keep things light yet playful by letting them know they’re impossible fantasies! Yet allowing room once more for continued exposure into your life. Remembering finally ”’flirt responsibly!”.

Here are 10 more replies:

13. I guess you’ll just have to prove it!

14. Interesting theory – why don’t we put it into practice?

15. Just trying my luck!

16. Don’t worry – I’m sure I’ll surprise you 🙂

17. Seems like we both have some discoveries ahead of us…

18. It’s up for debate 😉

19. If I told ya, I’d have to kiss ya! 

20. Sounds like a challenge – let’s see who wins!

21. Don’t judge me until you get all the facts

22. You caught me – now what will you do about it!?

Now there you have it – 22 flirty responses to “oh really” text from a guy. Keep these in your back pocket and you’ll always be prepared for when he sends you that oh really text!

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Final Thoughts

When responding to a guy’s oh-so-flirtatious “oh really?” text, the most important thing is to be yourself.

Whether you go with a playful one-liner or a more suggestive reply, as long as you’re comfortable with what you’re saying and how you’re saying it then chances are your conversation partner will appreciate it!

Whatever response you choose remember that flirting is all about having fun and keeping things light-hearted.

Enjoy the moment and be confident in your reply!

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