42 Ways to Respond to a Flirty Compliment Text From a Girl

As a guy, receiving a compliment from a girl can often feel like a win.

It’s an immediate mood booster and, let’s be honest, it’s always nice to feel appreciated.

When a girl compliments you, it could mean one of two things.

Either you’re so deeply entrenched in the friend zone that she doesn’t see you as anything more, or she’s expressing her interest in you.

Now, if you’re in the latter category and you’re pretty sure her compliment is a sign of her interest, you might find yourself at a loss for how to respond.

You want to appear cool, calm, collected, but also reciprocate her interest without coming off as too eager.

If you find yourself grappling with how to respond to a flirty compliment text from a girl, don’t worry. This article is here to help.

We’ve put together a list of suggested responses to ensure you keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

So, give this article a thorough read, and try to remember a few of our suggestions.

That way, you’ll be well-prepared to respond confidently and appropriately the next time you receive a flirty compliment text from a girl.

42 Ways to Respond to a Flirty Compliment Text from a Girl

  1. Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself.😏
  2. I’m glad you noticed.
  3. You’re making me blush.
  4. So, am I your type then?
  5. Says the beauty herself.
  6. Coming from you?
  7. Learned from you
  8. Thank you angel.
  9. You’re my favorite.
  10. Haha touché! Takes one to know one I suppose.
  11. Oh, you’re so sweet. Do you say that to all the boys? 😏
  12. Well, I must be doing something right.
  13. Let’s get married now.
  14. You’re the prettiest
  15. Says you.
  16. And you are wow
  17. I was going to say the same thing about you.
  18. You’re so sweet, I might get a cavity 😘
  19. You’ve got pretty good taste.
  20. I appreciate the compliment.
  21. I always look forward to your texts.
  22. Are you this forthcoming in person? 
  23. I’m glad you like what you see 😏
  24. You have great taste in men 😂
  25. Stop it, you’re making me nervous 😅
  26. You’re such a tease, but I like it 😈
  27. You’re amazing, and I’m not just saying that 🙌
  28. You’re too sweet.
  29. You’re making me smile like an idiot 😍
  30. That made my day.
  31. I can’t help but smile.
  32. I’m lucky to know you.
  33. You’re quite charming yourself.
  34. You’re giving me butterflies over here with that compliment.
  35. I can’t take all the credit, you bring out the best in me.
  36. Don’t make me blush now!
  37. I guess I clean up pretty well, but no one holds a candle to you.
  38. I’m flattered, especially coming from someone as good-looking as you.
  39. You sure know how to make a guy feel good!
  40. Well, aren’t you the sweet talker! I like it.
  41. Glad I could impress someone as fine as you.
  42. Coming from you, that means a lot. You really know how to charm a guy!


A: definition of perfection

B: Says you.

A: I can’t imagine being as beautiful as you

B: You’re my Favorite person

A: The Prettiest

B: Learned from you

A: Are you even real?

B: Says the beauty herself.

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How do you respond to a compliment from a girl on Instagram?

How do you respond to a compliment from a girl on Instagram?

Responding to a compliment from a girl on Instagram can be an exciting and pivotal moment in building a potential connection.

Modern communication and social media provide an opportunity for bolder interactions, allowing people to express themselves in ways they might not feel comfortable doing in person.

When a girl compliments you on Instagram, it’s essential to respond in a thoughtful and engaging manner to keep the conversation going and show your interest.

If a girl compliments you on Instagram and you’d like to keep the conversation going and get to know her better, you can respond by showing your interest in her with one of these replies:

  1. Thank you! – A simple “thank you” is always a good response. It shows gratitude and appreciation for the compliment.
  2. You’re too kind! – This adds a touch of humility and acknowledges the girl’s kindness in giving the compliment.
  3. I’m so glad you like it! – You can express happiness and gratitude for the girl’s positive feedback.
  4. You made my day! – This one shows that the compliment had a positive impact and brightened your day.
  5. I really appreciate your kind words! – This response emphasizes your appreciation for the girl’s compliment and shows that you value her opinion.

Remember to be genuine and sincere in your response. Adding emojis like 😊 or ❤️ can also help convey your gratitude and happiness.

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How do you Accept a Compliment Without Flirting?

Accepting a compliment without flirting can sometimes be a delicate balancing act.

It’s crucial to show appreciation for the compliment without sending the wrong signals. Here are some tips to help you navigate this:

1. Don’t Dismiss Compliments

Rejecting a compliment can imply that you don’t trust the compliment giver’s judgment or taste, which can come across as insulting.

Avoid dismissive phrases like “Oh, it was nothing” or “Anyone could have done it.” If you find yourself dismissing a compliment, it’s okay to apologize and correct yourself.

For example, “Sorry for brushing you off! I’m still learning to accept compliments.”

2. Express Your Gratitude

The most straightforward response to a compliment is a simple “Thank you.” If you feel that’s too brief, you can expand on it.

For instance, “Thank you, much appreciated!” or “Thanks, that means a lot.”

3. Share Why You Value the Compliment

If a compliment means a lot to you for a specific reason, share it.

This not only shows appreciation but also leaves the compliment giver feeling good about their kind words.

For example, if a stylish friend compliments your outfit, you could say, “Thank you very much. Coming from someone as stylish as you, it means a lot!”

4. Give Credit Where It’s Due

If a compliment is about an achievement that involved others, acknowledge their contribution.

For example, if someone compliments you on organizing a conference, you could say, “Thank you very much.

Everyone on the team, including the boss, worked hard to pull it off.”

5. Avoid Complimenting Physical Appearance

To avoid confusion or mixed signals, refrain from complimenting their physical appearance in return.

Instead, show your appreciation for other aspects of their personality or behavior.

For instance, if someone compliments you for being a good friend, you could reply, “Thank you for saying that.

You’re a great friend too. I appreciate your honesty and kindness.”

The key to accepting a compliment without flirting is to express genuine appreciation while maintaining clear boundaries.


Final Thoughts

Accepting compliments is a skill that can be learned and improved over time. It’s important to remember that when someone gives you a compliment, they are expressing their positive perception of you.

Therefore, accepting a compliment graciously is not only a sign of good manners, but it also shows respect for the person who gave it to you.

Whether it’s on Instagram, in person, or any other platform, always respond to compliments with kindness and gratitude.

It can make the other person feel appreciated and valued, and it can also boost your self-esteem.

It’s okay to feel good about yourself and accept compliments without feeling the need to downplay your achievements or qualities.

You’re worthy of every compliment you receive! 🌟

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