20 Ways To Respond to Pick-Up Lines

Everyone knows pickup lines. We’ve heard them in movies, heard our friends try out a few on their dates, and maybe even dropped a few ourselves.

But much like how you might be ready with a witty response to those cheesy lines, you also need to know how to respond when someone tries one on you.

If you’re looking for ways to respond to a pickup line, here are 20 ideas that could help.

How to Respond Lightheartedly

How To Respond to Pick-Up Lines

If the person hitting on you isn’t particularly serious and seems like they want to flirt, it may be best to match their lighthearted tone. Here are some fun responses that won’t give too much away:

1. “Bold move!”

2. “I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment…”

3. “You must have mistaken me for someone else!”

4. “That’s one way to break the ice.”

5. “I think my friends hear this too, so we’ll see what they say…”

6. “Whoa there! No need to rush into anything…”

7. “Haha! You don’t even know me! Slow down…”

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Playful but Flirty Responses

Suppose the person using the pickup line is really trying their best and seems interested in getting to know you better. Why not come up with a response acknowledging their courage while letting them know that you appreciate their efforts?

Try these naughty but nice options:

8. “That was almost smooth… Almost!”

9. “Well… That kind of worked… Maybe I should give you points for effort?”

10. “Nice try buddy, but isn’t that a bit too cheesy?

11. “Ooh… someone’s feeling brave today.”

12. “Well aren’t you bold?”

13. “Aww, did you make up that line just for me?”

14. “Thanks for the compliment… even if it was cheesy!”

More Serious But Still Flirty Responses

If your goal is to find out more about the person giving the pickup line without seeming desperate or overeager, then consider these more subtle flirtatious replies:

15. “So tell me something interesting about yourself…”

16. “Let’s start over – Hi I’m, what’s yours?”

17. “Let’s talk right now instead of coming up with cheesy lines!”

18. “What made you pick me out in this crowd?”

19. “Impress me more than with your words – show me who you are!”

20. “Do something special so we can keep talking!”

With any reply whether serious or lighthearted, always remember to smile and come across as genuinely interested in getting (non-romantically) close as possible with your conversation partner!

How to Respond to Pick Up Lines

Pick up lines are often used by people who want to flirt or start a conversation with someone they find attractive.

However, not all pick up lines are clever, funny, or appropriate. Some of them can be cheesy, rude, or creepy.

If you ever encounter a pick-up line that makes you feel uncomfortable or annoyed, you might wonder how to respond in a way that shuts down unwanted attention and shows your confidence.

There are different ways to respond to pick-up lines depending on your mood, personality, and the situation.

You can use tactics like ignoring pick-up lines, using an anti-pick-up line or snappy comeback, saying “no” firmly and politely, asking them to repeat what they said to embarrass them, calling a do-over on their behalf, or telling them to send you meaningful compliments instead of cheesy one-liners.

Here are some examples of how to respond to pick up lines using these tactics:

Ignoring: If someone says “Are you a camera? Because you make me smile.” You can ignore them and walk away without saying anything. This shows that you are uninterested and don’t want to waste time with them.

Anti-pick-up line: If someone says “Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see.” You can reply with an anti-pick up line that turns their compliment into an insult.

Like: “Are you from Alaska? Because you’re the only ice I see.”

Snappy comeback: If someone says “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” You can reply with a snappy comeback that mocks their cliché line.

For example, “Did it hurt when you scraped your knee crawling out of hell?”

Saying no: If someone says “Can I have your number?” You can say no firmly and politely without giving any excuses or explanations.

For example: “No thank you.” or “No I’m not interested.”

Asking them to repeat: If someone says “Do you have a name? Or can I call you mine?” You can ask them to repeat what they said in a loud voice so that everyone around can hear their lame line. For example: “What did you say? Can you say it louder please?”

Calling a do-over: If someone says “Are you a bank loan? Because you’ve got my interest.” You can tell them to start the conversation over without any cheesy opening lines.

For example: “That was terrible. Let’s try again. Hi I’m (your name), nice to meet you.”

Telling them to send meaningful compliments: If someone says “You must be a magician because every time I look at you everyone else disappears.” You can tell them that they need to send more genuine compliments if they want to impress you.

For example: “That’s very sweet but not very original. How about for every pick up line you send me two things that actually make me special?”

These are some of the ways on how to respond to pick up lines from strangers or people you don’t like.

However, if you like the person using a pick up line on you, you might want to respond differently. You might want to laugh, smile, flirt back, or give them your number. The choice is yours!

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How To Respond To A Pickup Line From A Guy

Pickup lines serve an important purpose in getting conversation going but it’s important to remember: They don’t necessarily reflect that person’s true intentions or feelings towards you.

A funny or clever line isn’t necessarily reflective of the other person’s feelings towards you nor is it indicative of them wanting anything more than just good banter.

If someone sends you a pickup line, try responding with something equally playful or humorous.

You don’t want to be too quick to judge them; after all, everyone has different humorous boundaries so what could seem rude or crass for one person could very well be amusing for another!

How To Shut Down Those Nasty Ones

Identifying which pickup lines are meant as harmless banter and which are inappropriate and intentionally disrespectful can be tricky.

Should someone send you an offensive message such as those involving sexual innuendo or worse it’s very important not to entertain it any further and let them know their behavior is not acceptable.

Summarize what they said back at them in order for clarity and then firmly remind them that comments like these are not welcome (and neither is their presence).

At this point depending on which platform they’re communicating on, consider reporting the user if necessary; most apps have policies against harassment and abuse that should also be taken into account seriously here.

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Setting Healthy Boundaries On Dating Apps

When using dating apps always make sure your intentions are clear right off the bat by setting some clear guidelines or boundaries within your profile description either explicitly or implicitly (e.g ‘I’m interested in chatting only’, ‘not looking for hook-ups’ etc).

This will help eliminate any confusion coming from potential matches who might have misinterpreted your interest levels – especially the more forward ones!

Additionally, try avoiding giving out too much personal information early on as scammers often use misdirection tactics such as feigning overly appealing profiles in order gain trust quickly before proceeding with their own risky agenda(s).

When conversing online with people whom for example ask for money.

Never give out payment information! It’s important to keep yourself safe at all times when searching for prospective partners online by taking all necessary precautions outlined above plus others found on safety tips webpages and resources throughout various digital communities explicitly designated for that purpose!

Finding The Right Match

Navigating through various conversations on a dating app can get tiring quickly – so when chatting up with prospects, make sure they genuinely interest you before taking further steps into introducing yourself fully introduced face-to-face/meeting each other IRL – if applicable!

Whether it’s replying back with pickup lines as mentioned earlier OR asking questions that lead up directly back onto answering doubts about each other’s shared interests helps immensely here too if conversing online at least two hours beforehand transpires effectively then chances are things may move onward fruitfully from thereon.

Ultimately take full control & ownership of your own needs/intention within the matchmaking process striving towards finding someone who truly resonates perfectly alongside one another – hearts first, AND obstacles second!:)

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, no matter how cheesy or cringe-worthy the pickup line may be, it is always important to remain kind and respectful.

While it’s okay to shut down offensive lines and set boundaries, it’s essential that you do so in a polite manner.

Always remember that even if the other person is making a potentially inappropriate comment, they are still a person worthy of respect.

And in the spirit of finding a suitable match, be sure to always keep your eyes open for that special someone and take the time to respect their feelings as well.

After all, if you can’t handle a cheesy pickup line, how will you ever make it through the tough times?

Once you’ve set the boundaries, it’s time to pick your battles and decide which lines are worth responding to.

The best way to respond to a cheesy pickup line is with a witty comeback or clever retort that will leave the other person in stitches.

You can also opt for a more direct approach such as “That’s not very original” or “I don’t think so”. If someone is being overly aggressive, then a simple “No thanks” is enough to shut them down.

If the worst-case scenario happens and you’re stuck with an awkward pick-up line, don’t panic!

The best way out of this situation is to simply keep it light and respond with something humorous or funny.

This will show that you can take a joke and still maintain your composure in the face of potential embarrassment. Whatever you do, just make sure to have fun and enjoy the process!

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