25 Comebacks for When Someone Calls you Poor

Nobody likes to be called poor. It’s a hurtful insult and can really put a damper on anyone’s day. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.

People make nasty remarks about others who have less or can’t afford certain things.

No one should ever feel embarrassed or ashamed of their financial situation, but if you want to respond to these types of taunts then I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I will arm you with comebacks for when someone calls you poor so that you can shut down those rude insults like a pro!

We will go over some clever and witty responses as well as how to give an air of superiority right back to your offender.

Knowing how to respond when faced with this kind of judgment is important if you want to keep your head high in any situation.

let’s get started!

How to Respond When Someone Calls you Poor

No one likes to feel embarrassed and embarrassed when someone implies that you are poor. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or doesn’t have – Everyone deserves respect.

But sadly, there are some people who love making snarky comments about someone else’s financial situation.

So how can you fight back when someone calls you poor?

The best response is an attitude of indifference toward their remarks.

Instead of getting defensive or angry, just carry yourself with confidence and charisma.

Show them that your money status does not define your worth as a person.

Sometimes the best way to show them that their words can’t hurt you is by responding positively with a joke or a witty remark about money.

Or, if the situation warrants it, call out their rudeness and make them aware of how disrespectful they are being.

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Comebacks for When Someone Calls you Poor

Comebacks for When Someone Calls you Poor
  1. Yeah cool, I’m poor, and now what?
  2. At least I don’t make my money from onlyfans.
  3. Guess I have to work overtime on yo momma.
  5. I might be poor but I’m not a pri*k
  6. Better than broke!
  7. So? Could be worse. I could be like you…
  8. Poor but happy.
  9. Happiness is free!
  10. I’m not poor, I’m just frugal.
  11. At least I’m real!
  12. I may be poor but at least I’m not a jerk like you.
  13. At least I don’t have to worry about the IRS coming after me.
  14. I may be poor, but at least I’m not a cheapskate like you.
  15. At least I’m not a hypocrite like you.
  16. Manners are free!
  17. Carry on then!
  18. You’re the only one counting.
  19. I’m not poor, I’m thrifty.
  20. My riches are in friends.
  21. My wealth isn’t measured in money.
  22. Love is worth more than gold.
  23. I may not have money, but I have joy!
  24. Rich in life, not in cash
  25. I’m blessed, not broke!

With that being said, remember that in such a situation, No comeback is needed.

People often flaunt their money on social media, but the truth is that many of them are really struggling to make ends meet and have nothing in their fridge at home.

Money should never be used as a way to measure one’s self-worth or compare others; it has no bearing on what kind of person a person truly is. By understanding and respecting personal boundaries, you don’t need any comebacks when someone tries to insult you with financial jibes.

Focus on measuring your worth based on your own standards of success, not someone else’s a fancy show of wealth.

What are some comebacks for a delivery driver when someone says “hey, this food was ordered last year!”

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An alternative way to deal with the situation

Remember that the comment has more to do with the speaker than you

Everyone projects their insecurities on those around them.

Don’t take someone’s critical comment about your finances too seriously, a rude or hurtful comment is an expression of their own self-doubt, not yours.

Dismiss it and move on

As hard as this may seem, disregarding any snide comments related to your finances is actually quite empowering since continuing to engage with negative people only gives them more fuel and stops you from progressing in life.

Putting distance between yourself and those who make hurtful remarks puts the power back into your hands; confidently reminding yourself that their words do not define who you are helped in these situations!

Final Thoughts

No one should be made to feel ashamed of their economic status. As long as you’re working hard and striving to achieve more, those comebacks won’t be necessary anymore.

However, knowing some of these comebacks can give you the confidence you need to stand up for yourself in any situation.

Remember that having pride in your identity is important, and never let anyone take away your sense of worth because they think they’re better than you.

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