30 Flirty Responses to “I’m Hungry”

Do you ever feel like you’re texting with someone and there’s a bit of flirtatious banter back and forth?

When they tell you they’re “hungry,” it could be easy to just respond with the typical “me too!” but why not take the opportunity to turn up the heat?

A playful, flirty response can help keep the conversation going and spark a little fun.

Here are 30 ideas on how to respond to “I’m hungry” in a super flirty way.

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Ways to respond to I’m Hungry text in a flirty way

Flirty Responses to I'm Hungry
  1. “I’m hungry too…for you.”
  2. “Maybe we can share a bite…of each other.”
  3. “Maybe you should come over and I’ll cook you something delicious.”😘
  4. “You’re always hungry…for my love.”😍
  5. “How about I come over and cook for you?”
  6. “What do you feel like eating? Maybe we can grab something together.”
  7. “How about we skip dinner and go straight to dessert?”🍰
  8. “You’re always hungry for something…”
  9. “I have something that will satisfy your appetite.”🍆
  10. “I have something that might satisfy your appetite.”
  11. “You’re in luck, I’m a great cook.”
  12. “Well I can be your snack ;)”
  13. “Let’s order something…or someone.”
  14. “I know a place where we can get some delicious food…and dessert.”
  15. “You’re not the only one who’s hungry…I have a craving for you.”
  16. “How about you come over and we’ll make something together?”
  17. “You’re always hungry…for my attention.”
  18. “Maybe you should eat something…like me.”
  19. “I have some snacks in my fridge…and some whipped cream in my bedroom.”
  20. “You should try my special recipe…it’s spicy and sweet.”
  21. “I can feed you…with my lips.”
  22. “You’re hungry? Well, I’m thirsty…for you.”😜
  23. “Maybe you should eat something healthy…like me.”😋
  24. “You’re always hungry…maybe you need some more protein in your diet.”😏
  25. “How about we order some pizza and then you can have a slice of me?”🍕
  26. “I have something that will fill you up nicely.”🍑
  27. Want to grab a bite to eat together?
  28. “I know a good place we could go to satisfy your cravings ;)”
  29. “Well, lucky for you, I’m on the menu tonight!”
  30. “I’m hungry too. Hungry for you, that is.”

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What do you reply to I’m so hungry

When someone texts you “I’m so hungry,” it’s easy to assume the worst.

But don’t worry they may not actually be ravenous, they might just be sending a flirty message your way.

Questions like this are classic ways for people to let their crush know that they’re thinking about them.

If you want to respond without being too forward, try an innocuous reply like “Me too! What should we do about it?”

If you really want to make your crush blush, try something a little more playful and cheeky like “Lucky for me I always carry snacks around in case I get hungry ;)” or even send them emojis of food with silly captions.

If your crush is hinting that they’re hungry, why not take the opportunity to up your flirting game? You could suggest grabbing a bite together, or joke about feeding each other. You could even tease them about being “always hungry for something” and offer yourself as a snack.

Sometimes the perfect response doesn’t have to be complicated.

No matter how you choose to respond, it’s a great way to keep the conversation going. A light-hearted, flirty response will show your crush that you’re interested, and it can also be a great icebreaker for when you’re ready to take things to the next level.

For an even more direct approach, try asking your crush out on an actual date!

Either way, use this opportunity as another chance to flirt and have fun!

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Final Thoughts

Hearing your partner say “I’m hungry” gives us a great opportunity to make them laugh and show them how flirty we can be.

Whether it’s a cheesy pick-up line or something more creative, knowing the right thing to say can be the difference between leaving your partner in stitches with laughter and feeling kinda awkward about the exchange!

So don’t be afraid – go for it!

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