30 Flirty Response to How Was Your Day

“Did you have a good day?” is a frequently asked question in any relationship.

It’s a simple way to show your interest in your partner’s daily life.

However, this question can sometimes feel monotonous and unexciting. But don’t worry, you can turn this ordinary question into a flirty opportunity.

You could respond with something like, “My day was good, but it would have been better if I spent it with you.”

This response not only shows your interest in your partner’s day but also subtly expresses your affection and desire to spend more time with them.

In this article, we’ll explore more creative and flirty responses to the question, “How was your day?” These responses can add a spark to your everyday conversations and make them more engaging.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personalize Your Responses: Tailor your answers to “How was your day?” based on your relationship with the person asking whether they’re a friend, a crush, or a romantic partner.
  • Be Flirty and Fun: Use creative and playful responses to make conversations more engaging and to show your affection.
  • Show Genuine Interest: Express genuine interest in the other person’s day and feelings, making the conversation a two-way exchange.
  • Use Humor and Affection: Incorporate humor and affectionate statements to keep the conversation light-hearted and intimate.
  • Adapt to Context: Match your response to the context of your relationship and the specific situation to ensure it feels natural and appropriate.

How to Respond to How was your day from a guy

How to Respond to How was your day from a guy

When a guy asks you “How was your day?” it depends on the tone and context of your relationship. Here are some playful how was your day replies:

Responding as Friends: When a guy friend asks about your day, it’s often a genuine inquiry about your well-being.

Feel free to answer honestly and openly, but keep the conversation casual.

If he’s just a friend, you might say, “It was a pretty good day, thanks for asking! I managed to finish a project I’ve been working on.” or “Nice of you to Ask”

Responding to a Crush: If the guy asking is your crush, you might want to make your response a bit more personal to show him you’re interested.

For instance, you could say, “I had a great day, thank you! I spent some time at the park, which I always enjoy. How about you? Did you do anything fun?” This response is subtly flirtatious, showing interest in his activities while sharing a bit about your own.

Responding to a romantic partner: When you’re in a romantic relationship, your response can be more intimate and affectionate.

You can say something like, “My day was good, but it’s always better when I’m with you.” Or, “I had a busy day, but thinking of you kept me smiling.” These responses express your feelings and show that you value your time with him.

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30 Flirty responses to “How was your day?”

Flirty Response to How Was Your Day
  1. It was good, but it would have been better with you by my side.
  2. Was going bad till a minute ago.
  3. I had a great day, but it just got better now that I’m talking to you.
  4. Good, but I missed your smile.
  5. Better now that I’m talking to you.
  6. Today was a bit tough, I really needed your hug.
  7. That’s a bit personal, don’t you think? Shouldn’t we have dinner first?
  8. I couldn’t stop thinking about you today.
  9. Last night was great, but today I missed you.
  10. It was sweet, just like you.
  11. Interesting, as always. But it would be more exciting if you were there together
  12. Well, it was just another day until you asked, now it’s much better.
  13. It was okay, but I missed you.
  14. Boring, but talking to you turns my day around.
  15. Looking for something exciting, and you just made it.
  16. Today was tough, needed your support. 🙁
  17. I just can’t wait to see you, that’s how my day was.
  18. Oh, you mean since the last time we texted? It’s been too long.
  19. Not as good as it could have been, because you weren’t there.
  20. Thanks for asking, it was great but it’s even better now that I’m talking to you.
  21. Actually, I was having a bad day until you messaged me.
  22. That’s a question for a date, don’t you think?
  23. Today was a rollercoaster of emotions.
  24. I’m more interested in how your day was.
  25. Nothing special.
  26. It was same as usual.
  27. Just fine, but I was hoping you’d ask.
  28. Not bad sweetie, how was yours?
  29. It was good, but I was counting the hours till I could talk to you.
  30. I was thinking about you all day, so it was a good day.


Tips to write your own flirty responses

  1. Be Genuine: Authenticity goes a long way in any conversation. Be honest about how your day was while adding a flirty twist.
  2. Consider the Context: The flirty response you give should match the context of your relationship. For example, a response to a friend may be different from a response to a romantic partner.
  3. Use Humor: Humor can help make the conversation more enjoyable and less formal. It can also add a playful element to your response.
  4. Show Interest: Show interest in the other person’s day as well. This could mean asking them how their day was or expressing a desire to be part of their day.
  5. Show Appreciation: Thank the person for asking about your day. It shows that they care and it’s a nice gesture to acknowledge that.

Final Thoughts

Responding to “How was your day?” can be a simple way to show someone you care about them.

Of course, the best response will always depend on the specific situation and the relationship you have with the person asking.

But if you’re looking for flirty ways to answer how was your day, then these responses are a great place to start.

So go ahead and try one out the next time someone asks you how your day was. You might just surprise yourself with how much fun you have.

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