35 Best Ways to Friendzone a Guy Over Text

Is there any way to gently let a guy down over text without losing him as a friend?

We’ve all been there you meet someone new, they seem great, you exchange numbers.

But as you get to know them, you realize you don’t have romantic feelings.

Now you’re stuck trying to figure out how to friendzone them without being rude or hurtful.

If you’re struggling to find the right words, don’t worry.

Rejecting someone is never easy, but there are ways to make it clear that you only see them platonically.

This article will list 35 ways to friendzoning a guy over a text, ensuring you communicate your feelings without becoming the villain.

Because, let’s face it, keeping friendships intact is vital, but so is being honest about your feelings.

35 Best Ways to Friendzone a Guy Over Text

How to nicely friendzone a guy over text
  1. You’re such a nice guy.
  2. You’re like a brother to me.
  3. We’re such good friends, right?
  4. You’re such a good friend.
  5. I can’t imagine my life without our friendship.
  6. We have the perfect friendship, wouldn’t want to ruin that.
  7. I’m glad we’re friends, you’re like family to me.
  8. You’re such an amazing friend, but I just don’t see a romantic spark between us.
  9. Dude, you’re like my best bro.
  10. You’re like the sister I never had.
  11. Trust me, I’m saving you from a lot of complications.
  12. I know everyone always says this, but it’s not you, it’s me.
  13. You’re a great friend and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  14. I value our friendship way too much to change it.
  15. I’m so glad you understand keeping things platonic is best. Our friendship means the world to me!
  16. Our friendship is too precious to risk.
  17. You mean a lot to me, as a friend.
  18. You’re my best friend, I hope that doesn’t change.
  19. I see you as a friend and it means a lot to me.
  20. Thanks for understanding I value your friendship too much to complicate it with romance.
  21. We have a lot in common and our friendship is amazing. I don’t want to jeopardize that by introducing romance, is that alright with you?
  22. You’re an incredible person and I’m glad we met. I think we’re better off as mates, don’t you?
  23. I have a blast whenever we hang out. I don’t feel the romantic chemistry but our platonic chemistry is off the charts. Let’s focus on that, what do you say?
  24. Your companionship means a great deal to me. I don’t see us as more than friends, but remember, friendships can last a lifetime.
  25. Our bond is unique and I really respect you. How about we cherish this perfection and just remain friends?
  26. We have a lot of fun together. As friends, we’re perfect. How about we just keep this vibe?
  27. I genuinely enjoy your company but I don’t see us beyond friendship. Can we just stick to our fun hangouts?
  28. Our friendship is like a comfortable old pair of shoes – perfect, warm, and irreplaceable. No need for romantic complexities, right?
  29. I value our connection so much. I think we make great friends, not romantic partners. Is that fine with you?
  30. I think we’re awesome friends and I’d like to keep it platonic. I hope you’re cool with that.
  31. You’re the most important guy in my life as a friend, and I want to keep it that way.
  32. The X factor for me is that I see you as a great friend, nothing more.
  33. I’m just not emotionally available for a relationship right now.
  34. I see you as one of my closest friends, and I hope you’re okay with us just staying as that.
  35. I think we have something special, a friendship that is hard to find. I’d prefer we keep it that way.

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How to nicely friendzone a guy over text

Friendzoning someone can be awkward, but doing it over text allows you to take some time to think through what you want to say.

Here are some tips for letting a guy down easy while making your intentions clear:

Be Direct But Kind

Don’t beat around the bush – he’ll appreciate the honesty. But you can still be compassionate in your delivery. For example:

“Hey John, you’re a really great guy but I don’t see us being more than friends. I enjoy hanging out with you but just wanted to be upfront so there’s no confusion.”

Compliment Him

Cushioning the blow with some compliments can help. Tell him what you admire or appreciate about him as a person. For example:

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you these past few weeks. You’re so funny and kind, and I’m glad we met.”

Explain Your Reasoning (Optional)

You don’t owe him a lengthy explanation, but if there’s a simple reason you’re not interested romantically, feel free to briefly explain. For example:

“I just don’t feel a romantic connection, and I don’t want to force anything that isn’t there.”

Suggest Just Being Friends

If you genuinely want to remain friends, make that clear. He may need some time first, but let him know you still want to be in his life platonically.

“I hope we can still be friends. I’d love to still hang out, but understand if you need some space first.”

Be Firm But Gentle

Don’t leave room for negotiations. But you can still be warm in your resolve. For example:

“I know this might be hard to hear, but I wanted to be completely upfront with you. I only have romantic feelings for you as a friend.”

The key is being direct yet thoughtful. If done right, he’ll appreciate your honesty and maturity in handling the situation.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to friendzoning someone, it’s important to consider their feelings while being honest about your own.

While it’s true that rejection can sting, both men and women can experience emotional pain when their romantic feelings aren’t reciprocated.

Being open and straightforward with the person you want to friend zone is crucial to prevent misunderstandings and frustrations.

Honesty is the best policy. Instead of beating around the bush or giving mixed signals, it’s better to tell him directly that you only see him as a friend.

Assure him that it’s not a reflection of his worth or personality, but simply a lack of romantic connection on your part.

While it may be difficult to hear, most people appreciate sincerity and value straightforwardness.

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