30 Flirty Response To “Good Girl”

It’s always flattering when someone notices the effort you put into being a good person. When a guy calls you “a good girl,” he is commending your dedication and hard work.

Instead of simply saying thanks, use one of these playful responses to make it known that his flattery has been taken kindly.

Whether you are engaged in a serious or lighthearted conversation, any of these responses will bring smiles to both of your faces!

Show him you appreciate his compliment and keep the conversation going with one of these flirty responses.

What does it mean when a guy calls you a good girl

When a guy calls you a “good girl”, it can be a sign that he sees something special in you.

He’s likely trying to flatter you and make you feel good, while also trying to establish himself as an authority figure in the relationship. It’s his way of showing affection

It can mean he likes the idea of you following his lead and obeying him, but ultimately it all depends on what kind of dynamic you prefer in your relationships. If this type of thing appeals to you, then responding positively may encourage him to continue.

For some women, being called a “good girl” is seen as sweet or romantic.

However, if this type of dynamic doesn’t fit your personality or desires, don’t feel pressured into going along with it – it’s okay to express your own wishes and boundaries!

If you want to play that way, respond, “Aww, thank you!” with a little winky emoticon, or maybe tease a little “Oh, I’m good now, but sometimes I’m bad, what would you do if I was a bad girl sometimes?

In any relationship, it is important to establish boundaries and make sure that both parties are comfortable.

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Flirty response to “Good Girl”

flirty response to good girl

When someone calls you a “good girl,” it is important to acknowledge the compliment and respond in a playful way. A flirty response can be a great way to show someone you appreciate their sentiment.

Here are our top 15 flirty responses to “good girl”:

1. “I’m more than just good, you know!”

2. “You have no idea how good I can be!”

3. “Thanks, I’m trying my best.”

4. “Aww, you noticed!”

5. “Oh, I can be bad too!”

6. “You make me want to be even better.”

7. “I’m glad you think so!”

8. “Is that a challenge?”

9. “Thanks, I ‘m flattered.”

10. “I’m so happy you think that!”

11. “Oh, I’m a lot of things .”

12. “I’m not just good, I’m great!”

13. “That means a lot to me.”

14. “Oh, don’t worry, I can be naughty too!”

15. “Thanks! You make me feel special.”

16. “I’m only good for you, babe.”

17. “I’ll be your good girl, but you better be my bad boy.”

18. “Mmm, I love it when you call me that.”

19. “You know how to make my heart skip a beat.”

20. “I’ll always be your good girl, no matter what.”

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How to respond to “Good Girl” Over Text

21. “Only for you 😉”

22. “Who, me? I’m anything but good ;)”

23. “Well, you know how to bring out my naughty side ❤”

24. “You’re bringing out the bad girl in me ;)”

25. “Mmm, I like it when you talk dirty ;)”

26. “Careful, you might make me blush 🙂”

27. “Is that your way of trying to get me into trouble? 😉”

28. “Good girls are overrated, don’t you think? 😈”

29. “I’ll be your good girl, but only if you promise to be my bad boy 😈”

30. “You know what they say, behind every good girl is a great guy tempting her”

6 Tips for using these responses effectively

  1. Be playful: Respond with a playful and light-hearted comment that shows you’re interested in flirting back.
  2. Use humor: Humor can be a great way to respond to a flirtatious comment. You could respond with a joke or a witty comeback.
  3. Show interest: Show that you’re interested in the person who made the comment by asking them a question or responding with a compliment of your own.
  4. Keep it subtle: Respond in a way that’s flirty but not too obvious. Subtlety can be more intriguing than being too direct.
  5. Use body language: Use your body language to show that you’re interested, such as leaning in slightly or touching the person’s arm.
  6. Be confident: Flirting can be nerve-wracking, but try to be confident and relaxed in your response. This will make you appear more attractive and confident to the person you’re flirting with.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun in your texting relationship. Responding to your crush with a flirty message can be a great way to show her that you’re interested and willing to explore the possibilities between you two. Who knows? If you play your cards right, things could get pretty steamy!

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